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rob bence

What topics would you like us to cover on The Property Podcast?

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One topic of discussion playing in my mind at the moment : Is it better to invest for cashflow now, to have more funds to then invest for capital appreciation later, or is it better to invest for capital appreciation now, and then remortgage later to invest in cashflow ?

I am looking to invest into property and still reviewing my objectives and strategy. Ultimately want cashflow to be comfortable (maybe 10 - 15 years time) to have the option to stop working. I am not too old or too young - approaching 40 eventually, whilst I have a job which isnt too exciting and I am not progressing as fast as I would like, I am okay with it. 

I know everyone's situation is different, but what are the things to consider ?

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Rent breaks for tenants please .

My tenants are working but have been put on Government scheme by employer receiving  80 % of earnings . They have asked for a rent break .

Would a 20% reduction for the next 3 months be reasonable ? On the other hand they are not having the usual costs of socialising or travel to work so should I be saying full rent still due ?  I want to be reasonable and help where I can but I still have my bills to pay !!

Any advise appreciated .

Kind Regards


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