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Hello everyone!

Moe K

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Hello All, 


First of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Moe and I currently work in IT , IT was a hobby turned into a profession, however this can change when you no longer do what you are passionate about but what you are told to do.  Fortunately I found property and fell in love with property and different ideas or income generating streams that  property can provide while helping people and being your own boss. 

I Currently have 1 property paid off (I know its not right thing to do) but this is a security for the girls in my family in the event of a disaster, I currently let it out for passive income and one i currently live in which has a nice little bit of equity. 

I live in Glasgow so ideally will be investing here, The more I learn the less certain of the strategy I want to follow but I will stick to my original plan that is to FLIP or BRRRR depending on the circumstances, I do have some refurb skills and know of people who are very handy who can help in refurbs at much lower costs. 

In terms of skill sets, I might not be the best in property yet but I will strive to learn as I go long, I do have IT technical skills that might be very useful in the property industry for automation or cloud services. 

I am also a gym fitness bunny, Fitness is my longest passion (16+ years) I am in my early 30s so if my skill sets above can be offset to some of yours then please don't be shy. 

Also moving forward, If you ever notice bad grammar  go easy on me and please correct me :) English is my 4th language but slowly becoming my first if that make sense, if you don't use it you loose it.    



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1 hour ago, Mark Rocks said:

Hi @Moe K

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us :) Out of interest, is there any reason you're drawn to flipping or the BRRR model as your preferred strategy?

Have you started having a look around Glasgow at the areas you might want to invest in?

Flipping will be for the properties that wont rent well but my goal is ultimately is to let all the refurbs for passive income, I am currently trying to find off the street broker whom might be willing to loan the full 100% and i will only pay the costs + refurb. 

I do not have specific areas as all areas will be sought after if not for me for someone else, As long as i find value in the property and the numbers add up I will make an offer. 

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