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Landlord issues to be aware of in the near future?

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I am relatively new to property investing. I currently have one property and looking to buy more. I believe, and I am concerned as a landlord, all properties in your portfolio will need to have an EPC rating of C or higher from 2025!  I wondered if anyone knows of other potential landlord issues that I need to be aware of in the near future?  And longer term?


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There are likely to be all sorts of changes focusing on tax and regulations that get announced over the next 6-12 months with EPC being one possible one. Right now its impossible to say which ones will actually happen and how they will be implemented - so impossible to work out the impact. I am currently more focused on interest rates and property prices to see how well deals stack up rather than what may happen in the future. It’s very likely that any new changes will have a negative affect on landlords so you need to make sure you are not stretching yourself and that the deals stack up well

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