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First commercial mortgages

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Hi guys, I'm trying to source a commercial mortgage for a cheaper property. I have just under 50k saved which I'm looking to invest. I have found a property for 70k so need a small mortgage to cover the excess for 5 years but am struggling to find anyone to do it!

Is there anyone would recommend? It's for a commercial property, not residential


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Most of the specialist commercial lenders do not have the appetite for such a small loan. For all the effort involved to arrange it gives little reward and return for the funder. 

Who do you currently bank with? You might get more joy speaking with a high street bank - their small business teams may be able to find a solution.

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Happy to discuss any queries regarding property finance for  Company/Complex/Portfolio BTL, HMO, MUB, Holiday Let, Commercial, Bridging & Development.  


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