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Surplus from a property that was part of a bankruptcy estate

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Hi all,

I went bankrupt in 2013 and included several properties in the insolvency estate. All of them were sold to clear debts, except for one. This one property was still part of the estate when the trustees discharged themselves from it in 2017, meaning the property went back into my name (without me knowing).

The mortgage company sold the property last year, l eaving a surplus after paying off the mortgage debt, which has since gone to the UK government's Bona Vacantia. 

I found out about this surplus around a month ago after the local council chased me for unpaid council tax while the property was empty. I've since contacted Bona Vacantia who say I'm not eligible for the funds because the bankruptcy trustees discharged themselves. The Official Receiver seem to think that the funds are due to me. 

Does anyone have any idea of my legal position with this? Thank you in advance. 

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