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Mortgages for Seniors

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My basic question is can I get a mortgage for an investment property over 65 ?

We own 3 properties at the moment with no mortgages worth about £1.25m in total. Our main house and two holiday home which we "holiday let".

An opportunity has arisen so that we can buy the flat downstairs underneath our holiday flat. It will cost about £250,000. We would turn this into a holiday let.

We don't have the cash but we could probably get a deposit together. We are both 68 (married) and have pensions and both have some part time self employment income.

Equity release does not appeal to me but could were somehow get an interest only mortgage for say £200,000 or because of our age, is it out of the question ?

Many thanks

Devon Glenn



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If the property is on an interest only basis, some lenders can take the term up to age 80 without having to provide a minimum income, however this is usually based on a standard buy-to-let. 

If you're looking to have it as a holiday-let this may throw a spanner in the works as it would restrict the lenders available and they may need to see evidence you can support the property on your income. The bigger the deposit the better as the lower loan to value, the less risk to the lender. 

Would be worth a chat with a broker who has access to holiday let lenders. My details are on my profile if you'd like me to have a look for you. 




Georgina Thew CeMAP 


01362 685268

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Lenders offering mortgages for investment properties are generally more flexible when it comes to the maximum age for the start/end of a mortgage, so there will be options available to you.

As mentioned by Georgia, if you intend to use the property as a Holiday Let opposed to a standard BTL, then this will reduce the number of lender available to you, but wouldn't make the transaction impossible. Another thing to be wary of is some lenders have limits to the amount of properties a somebody can own in one block - best to run the transaction through with a broker so that they can look at it in detail.


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