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Irish new to London/UK - Looking to network and meet partners

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Hi all!

I just moved to the UK at the end of last year.  I have one property in Ireland rented out and am keen to pick up the next one this year.  I’m either looking to buy a house close to London and be able to rent out the rooms, or else a high yielding BTL outside London (£125-200K).  I’m very interested in meeting any London-based property investors for a coffee (I’ll pay!).   



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Hi Andy,

Hope you are well.  If you decide to venture further than the Watford Gap for property then im located South of Manchester, feel free to get in touch for a chat.





       Whatsapp Direct By Clicking Here                     

                       01706 507202

        image.png.9da6b48b22099e71e6b38c5c9da690c3.png  image.png.316a3d05478f9de07be32739d4fe4c03.png  image.png.d47c317e14dca0e4c4944a92e2a8e35b.png image.png.132a95ced7ddcde0350ef4408b51575a.png

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