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Hi I'm heading back to England next year to start my first project, I'm currently studying in Sydney and want to do some face to face networking. If anybody is in Sydney at any point and wants to join me for a beer and a chat about property just give me a message!

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Hey Scott, I'm in a very similar situation to you. Currently in Sydney working but will be heading travelling soon and will be back in UK in Jan 2016 to begin actively investing. New to this site been learning, listening and reading as much as I can (so much useful info on this site). Haven't got around to start engaging on the forums yet so this is my first post! I saw your topic and was keen to network with someone out here in Sydney with similar ideas.


Anyway maybe we can meet up and grab that beer and talk property let me know



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Sounds good Justin, it might have to be mid August if that's ok with you, as I'm currently working 7 days a week then going back to England for a holiday, but would definitely be up for a beer around that time!

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