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Cover for malicious damage in leasehold apartment

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This is about insurance for a leasehold apartment.  The freeholder has insurance to cover the building.  I'm planning on getting insurance to cover the contents (it is unfurnished but I have provided washing machine, blinds) and to provide landlord's liability insurance.


However I'm struggling to get cover for malicious damage by tenants.  The combined buildings and contents cover I have for my other property, a freehold house, includes this.


The freeholder's policy covers malicious damage by 3rd parties but not by residents.  I'm concerned about a situation such as a tenant causing malicious damage to the kitchen/bathroom in excess of the deposit held.  I realise this is probably (hopefully) quite rare but as I've got the cover on my house policy I was hoping to have the same level of cover for the apartment. 


What do other people do about this?



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Hi Andrew


This is normally associated with buildings insurance. A lot of landlord insurance policies will have malicious damage as standard cover. Ask your freeholder whether this is the case with his policy and if you are covered.


If not, I think you will struggle to buy it separately. That is what deposits are for - to recoup costs from tenant inaction or maliciousness.


It might be worth trying www.thepropertyinsurer.co.uk. The landlord form takes 2-mins to fill in and three of the best specialist providers in the UK will contact you. If they can't help, no-one can...


Hope this helps!

Jason McClean

The Property Insurer







The Property Insurer has one aim only – to be the leading specialist price comparison insurance website in the UK, providing the very best and most appropriate property insurance cover at the keenest price.


That’s our aim and we are not a big conglomerate that has hungry shareholders, we are a small company that is taking a long term sustainable approach to business that we think is responsible and will work for everyone we deal with, whether broker, insurer or customer.
Not being a conglomerate is a good thing for us all as we do not have huge overheads or costs to cover – that means lower cost of insurance for you.
Any comments or suggestions are gratefully received, please send to Jason@thepropertyinsurer.co.uk. Jason is a Director so when you get through to him, you can be sure you are speaking with someone who wants to listen and will do so very carefully.
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