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Hi folks,


I have been working in the private rental sector for 7 years now and I have experience a wide range of aspects within the lettings and sales side of the  industry. My current role is as the Lettings Manager for an independent agency in one of Lincolnshire's market towns looking to grow the business based on quality of service before quantity.

I am passionate about all aspects of the letting industry, particularly getting to grips with the diverse legal aspects and encouraging client landlords to do it right.  I also get a kick from  helping clients, family, friends and acquaintances  select buy to let properties and find a property solution that will maximise their investment requirements.


I found PH via Twitter and I've joined to get involved in discussions, share knowledge, learn new things and hopefully help others with resources I've found that will help them with their property portfolios.


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Hi Tim! Brilliant that you found us via Twitter, and it'll be great to have your expertise around the place.


In your experience, what do you find your landlord clients get wrong (in either their actions or their thinking) which causes you and them the most avoidable problems? Curious about how we can learn from others' mistakes :)

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