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Good (online) courses for beginners in property development

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Hello all, 


I'm new to the forum, it looks like just what I was trying to find :)


I was wondering if anyone here had enrolled in any online (or other) "beginner property development" courses and could recommend any?


I came across this on google:




Which looks like it covers a broad spectrum. I'm not bothered what certificate I get, just want to be able to self-study and pick up a bit more knowledge than the limited bit I have just now. 


I would ultimately like to go down the route of renovation/development, and quick(ish) turnovers, not buy-to-let or anything like that at this stage. I work away from home at the moment and therefore something online or at least that I can take away with me would suit me best.


Many thanks for any suggestions :)

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Hi Chris,


I have actually just completed near enough that exact course myself! I did it at: http://www.ukdlp-distance-learning.com/distance-learning-course/Property-Development-Level-3-Course/99


I was also looking for ways to gain knowledge similar to how you are. I was not too fussed about the certification neither but more the knowledge I would gain as a result - It was a great choice.


I would highly recommend it to anyone, I've learnt loads from the course. I completed it in a couple of months, well worth a shot in my opinion. Also, if you search for my name in the testimonials page you will find my review of the course if that may help you.  :)


If you have any questions about the course itself I'll willingly answer them for you.


Best wishes,



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Hi all, 


Apologies for the delay, I've been mega busy with work and a few other personal things.


I've not actually managed to enroll in one of these self study course yet, though hoping to finally pull my finger out this week.


I did, however, go along to a Martin Roberts free property seminar a few weeks back, and then paid a grand to go to the 3 day event last week in Edinburgh (run by Tigrent learning). I can hear some of you groan from here! Has anyone any experience with this? I thought it was ok actually, maybe 30-40% was interesting and the rest a bit of a hard sell for further courses which was a tad annoying. Would happily share my thoughts more if anyone is interested.


Rob, Thanks for the link you gave there. There seem to be a lot out there and covering similar enough topics I hope. All seem to be about the 295 quid mark. Are you going to go for any of the more advanced courses?


Scott, Thanks for recommendation of the podcasts here. That's high up on my priority list to make a start on :)


Rosie, I know what you mean about most of the course contents on sites like this. I guess the main thing I was hoping for was a proper structure and base knowledge in all (or as many as possible) aspects as I could which is why these appeal to me. I will be sure to post back here when I finally get sorted out.




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Hi Chris,

I am going on a tigrent course in a couple of weeks. Since we booked it I've been doing a lot of self-education to get myself a level of understanding to make the most of the course.


I'd have thought if you've done this 3 day course you wouldn't need to do much more? Just read some books, listen to podcasts etc. Lots of people are gob smacked when I tell them about the course, saying it is all available free on the internet! Which no doubt it is...!

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Hi Nick, 


I am sure you will get something out of the course and to be honest I did enjoy the whole experience over the 3 days. If nothing else it was good to be around other like minded people. 


Do be aware though that, in my opinion and as a relative novice, 30-40% of the course was interesting but there is a heck of a lot of hard selling for other courses. I actually felt uncomfortable at some points and a couple sitting in front of me left before the final hour because of it.


Have you had your strategy call yet? You get a one-to-one meeting during the 3 days, which again is more just assessing what further course (possibly including mentorship) you should go for (ranging from 8k up to 36k!). It was things like that that made me disappointed, and was expecting something completely different in these strategy planning. I felt under quite a bit of pressure to sign up for more (I didn't), and there is a lot of emphasis that "you won't succeed if you don't do the further courses". Which of course is nonsense.


You will fill out a form in the first day relating to this strategy one-on-one, I was probably being naive but of course in hindsight all that was used for was to establish what level of further courses I should be doing...


I don't want to put you off because, like I say, I did gain a fair bit from it and would do it again. Just be prepared to expect the hard sell etc.


Enjoy and please let me know how you get on :)

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Cheers Chris.

Yes, I have heard a lot about their attempts to up sell. Frankly, anyone who can justify spending £36,000 on a training course (of this nature) clearly needs their head testing!


I will report back how I get on. I'm there the first weekend of December.

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Hi Nick, how did you get on at the course? Was Martin Roberts there...? He was "off sick" and couldn't make my course :)


I've enrolled in one of the online Property Development Level 3 courses mentioned earlier in this thread and starting to get my teeth into it now, really enjoying it so far :)

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Hi Chris,


I'm glad to see you started the course, how is it going?  :)


I'm tempted to take on the Level 4 and possibly Level 5 versions of this course or maybe even the Project Management one.


Although, regarding the Property Development ones, I'm unsure what these will be teaching us that we've not covered already in the Level 3. I've looked at the units covered and they are the same, maybe Level 4 and 5 are just in more depth? Who knows... :rolleyes:

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Hi guys,

Thought I would jump back in with a recommendation.

I actually signed up to the ikickstart course run by Damien Fogg and Richard Brown (regular contributors to this forum) and can highly recommend their webinar course as a place great place to start. It's mainly aimed at beginners so was great for me.

Also as I got in on the first batch of students it was very good value (in the hundreds) and no upsell.. I'm not sure if it's still the same price as it may have gone up in price now.


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