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Looking to Start a Investment Portfolio in Manchester

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Hello all,


After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad I grew a real interest in property investment. Coming across all Rob and Rob's material helped me realise how much I want to be a part of it and how I can get from where I am now (little capital and knowledge) to having my own portfolio that will allow me to live the life I want.


I am really interested in hearing from people that have worked in Joint Ventures with people they know. I have a close friend that has a building business and great connections that I am hoping will accelerate our property journey.


I look forward to learning and contributing when I can.


If anyone is in the Manchester area then a coffee or lunch would be great.



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Hi Michael,


I presume you get a lot of property networking suggestions so feel free to disregard.


Having said this, there is a great one on Saturday morning in Salford Quays. 


Its basically a group of property investors meet for a brew and a catch up over their week in property and investments they hve on the cards.


Its informal with no costs and if you have a free morning you go and if you cant make it thats no problem either.


Admittedly, i haven't been over the summer period myself but there is normally 8 - 10 good contacts there. 


Kind regards



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Hi Micheal,


I'm also from the Manchester area, have you got any thoughts about where you'd like to invest?


Are you looking to buy to let / buy to sell on / HMO or is it still at very early stages?


I have also read Rich Dad Poor Dad - A fantastic read, on the back of this I can also recommend "The 4 hour working week" by Timothy Ferriss as I'm sure you will enjoy this as much / if not more than RDPD.


Have a great day.



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Hi Michael,

Its two guys who organise it (Chris and Tom) and its probably best to drop him a text or give him a call. 


Its on Saturday mornings from 9ish near Cuppa Coffee in Salford Quays where you have a brew and talk all things property. 


Chris's number is 07703345632 and just tell him you know me. 


Its all free and more just about growing your network.

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