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Hello From Hong Kong

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Hi Mike


I'm based in Dubai and I'd love to hear more about how you arrange your financing from Hong Kong and if you might have any recommended contacts that I might be able to contact to get the ball rolling.  I am a newbie at this but want to really get serious about it.  Any info or recommendations or top tips would be so appreciated.




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Hello Amber,

When I started out I had a great deal of support from a couple of Building Societies in the UK. Sadly their lending policy changed and as a non res was unable to even refinance and churn equity on existing properties. So I took a little break and began investing here in HK. Hit another speed bump though as I was interested in village houses and combined with new lending restrictions set in place by the HK SAR, didnt get too far.  More recently I was inspired to get back into the UK market in BTL, although I can get a mortgage, I usually find the minimum lend or minimum property value has to  be above GBP100K to meet the lenders criteria. 

I'm also interested to hear from other non residents their experiences in getting finance on sub GBP100K properties !

Regards - Mike

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Dear Rebekah, Mike,


I am a property investor based in Geneva, Switzerland and i am also interested in Manchester area. My first exchanges with mortgage broker seem to confirm that minimum value will be around 100k or even better, 150k.


Looking forward to meeting you at the meetup on the 6th.


Enjoy the rest of 2015 !


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