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My name is Andrew. I am currently a director/shareholder of a limited property company with three other partners. We intend to engage in the ‘flipping’ strategy by purchasing properties from auctions. We wish to invest in the outer sections of London and/or surrounding regions. All four of us are completely new to property and would appreciate any help in finding the following….


Broker (preferably with auction/bridging experience)

Conveyancer (preferably with auction experience)



Thank You in advance


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I've bought at auction using fosters law for conveyancing but I can tell you that I definitely do not recommend them. They are cheap (starting from £247+ vat for auction purchases only) and had a stand at the auction I went to so thought I'd give them a shot, but you honestly get what you pay for. They must have each conveyancer completing hundreds of jobs at the same time, at least that's what it felt like. If you want a pre auction report it's extra and I feel they missed some importent information out during the conveyancing process which I am taking up with them.

If you get the name of a good conveyancer, London based or not, that deals with auction purchases would you come back and let me know as I am on the hunt for a good one.

P.s I am in the same line of work as you, maybe I'll see you at an auction viewing sometime soon. Just don't run me up on the auction day ;)

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