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Hi All,


a little while ago I responded to a question about Nottingham city centre, and I thought my response to that question should probably be logged in the 'location specific advice' section of the forum, so here is my response to that question with my knowledge of the Nottingham market.


I hope this may be of some use to people:



I used to go to Uni Nottingham Trent and can say that there is a very high student population in Notts and virtually any area in the centre has students due to the multiple campus there.


Nottingham Trent Uni is based right in the heart if the city. Pretty much any property enclosed by the A610, A6130 and A60 is in the area most students live (plus a street or so either side of that perimeter). Anything within that area south of Forest Road (east and west) will likely be in the best desired proximity to trent uni for a student, anything north of that and they are starting to weigh up price v space and distance from Uni. Forest Road East/West runs along the ridge of the top of a hill, so it just seems a natural marker by which you feel 'close' to the uni or not. I lived near/north of that boarder the 4 years I was there and its still very popular north of there.


There is a real mixture of housing stock there, new build flats in big blocks, 70s/80s housing estates and a lot of huge Victorian red brick houses of 5,6,7 beds etc. We used to live in an 8 bed house with service lift and servant quarters! Some of these bigger houses have been converted into flats, but the big ones were still popular with students.


The most desired area for a (Nottingham Trent) student used to be North Sherwood Street, the streets near to Waverly Street, Burns Street, Arthur Street, Gedling Grove, Portland Road, Addison Street, Colville Street. Look on a map at those streets and you will start to get an idea of the area.


There are also plenty of students that live in the nicer city centre apartment locations of Hockley/Lace Market if they have the money. 


Sneinton also has plenty of students but you are beginning to get a little away from the campus so I imagine rents/demand would be lower, but then again so will house prices.


For Nottingham Uni, the areas of Beeston & Lenton seemed to be most popular, but for those Nottingham Uni students that wanted to be closer to the city centre they start to drift further in towards Radford (along Derby Road, Ilkeston Road and the streets in betweem), or along Castle Boulevard.


West Bridgeford south of the river is popular with Nottingham Trent students who go to their 'Clifton' Campus, but I would say the student population there is more spread out as it is a popular area for ex-students/families/professionals as well. I would definitely check the bus routes to the Clifton Campus/the city to see where has good access to both and that would be where in West Bridgford students would live.


As for professionals, many nice city centre flats/apartments in Hockley/Lace Market areas, or along Wollaton Street, Talbot Street & Derby road as well as in some of the central student areas.


'The Park' is a bit of an exclusive city centre area (even the street lamps are antique ornate style) and has the feel of a gated community.


The Meadows was always known as a very rough area that no one wanted to live in or even walk through. The same with St Anne's really, that was an area that had been in the national press for a shooting. How true the press was to reality I don't know but there are plenty of other areas close to the city centre to choose from.


Radford and Forest Fields (along Forest Road) had their fair share of crime (probably because of the easy pickings in the student population that leave doors and windows unlocked the whole time), but it didn't put us off living there to be close to Uni.


Anywhere along Forest Road East/Forest Road West you might see prostitutes on the street, but again this didn't really stop students from wanting to live there (a 'cool house', double bedroom and proximity to uni/the city outweighed catching a prostitute with a client behind your wheelie bin on a Tuesday afternoon). The prostitutes and students just tended to ignore each other and co-exist fairly easily, but as a landlord it is something to be aware of if your properties are vacant.

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