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Broker, Solicitor and Surveyor please

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My name is Chris and I live in Birmingham. I have a full time job, am married and have two children.

I have a rental property in Derby which I have had for several years and, due to recent events, I am now in a financial position to continue building my portfolio, but closer to home for now. I also have a real desire to retire in several years time.

I will shortly be buying a house on Warwick Road, Birmingham at below market value and within a few months will be hoping to do the same again, and again...

My main concern now is to find reliable and professional advisers that are able to assist me in this adventure. I would be grateful if anyone would be able to recommend brokers, solicitors etc in this area of the country for this purchase and for, hopefully, many to come.

Also, if anyone is interested in sharing their own stories in property investing in this area of the country or just wants to get motivated by someone who is currently very motivated then please let me know.

Any advice / discussions would be gladly received.

Chris H

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