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Hello All,


A brief introduction: I am Barney, 22 years old and I work in IT as a Network Engineer. From the age of 18 my mum guided me through property flipping. I helped her flip around 6 properties until i gained enough knowledge and profit to go alone. I'm currently 3 properties down the line and really enjoying myself.


I have a 10 year plan to get out of the rat race and wake up doing what I want (To run my own company and manage my portfolio). I am very grateful to have stumbled across this website after reading the book. I'm always open to learning as much as possible about property and i'm sure I will from these forums. I look forward to discussing my future investments with you all and hope to help you with yours.


To those wondering why I have only been flipping properties. I have been doing it to build up enough cash to start so that I can start a limited company and begin my BTL portfolio. I have a goal for a monthly income and form my calculations it would mean managing 6 BTL flat/HMO's. I am aiming to get to this stage in the next 2 years max. I'm aware of the new BTL tax law and have read up about a few ways to workaround it. 


If anyone has any suggestions/constructive criticism; i'm all ears.




Barney Brown

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Good effort starting at 18!


My mum tried to start me off in my mid 20's and I wasn't interested. 10 years on I know I could NOW have been out of the rat race... But alas, I still commute in my tin box and do the 9-5. Make sure you stick to your 10 year plan!!

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