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Changing a Residential Mortgage to a BTL?

James S

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Hi all,


Just looking for a bit of advice really,


If I was buying a flat worth £155k with a residential mortgage (putting down 10% deposit), however I know that I'm not going to be living in it for a long period of time between (8 months to 1 year) as I would be looking to purchase a house to live in after this time period but I would like to keep the flat and rent it out after. I understand that the rates change when you're asking for consent to let, but my main concern is the short time frame?


If the lender turned around and so no to consent to let then I would be stuck paying a mortgage for a property that has no rental income and one that I'm not even living in!


Would I be able to change from a residential mortgage to a BTL in such a short period of time?


Any help would be much appreciated.


Kind regards,



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