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Episode 51: Business Special ft. Dan Andrews

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The first ever guest on The Property Podcast could only ever be one person: Dan Andrews from Tropical MBA, AKA the man to blame for everything we’ve done during the past year. It was our shared love for Dan’s podcast which brought the two of us together, and we proceeded to rip off its format fairly comprehensively.


Dan began his entrepreneurial journey by quitting his six-figure job and moving to South East Asia…where he started a new business designing and selling cat furniture online.


From there he and his business partner Ian branched out into several other niches, and built a well-oiled operation which now barely needs Dan’s involvement to run at all. In his spare time, Dan launched another six-figure business – a community for entrepreneurs called the Dynamite Circle – as well as inspiring tens of thousands of people through the Tropical MBA Podcast.


Listen to the episode here: http://thepropertyhub.net/danandrews


We shared on the episode what we took away from Dan's story - but what was your main takeaway?


Let us know below!

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Hi Rob and Rob 
I really enjoyed this first business episode and can't wait to hear the rest of the interviews coming up.
Firstly, I had no idea that you two were both frauds! However, I am very glad that you are as all the great stuff that you are doing at the moment is really benefiting myself and no doubt everybody else who listens to the podcast and contributes to this forum. Try not to give Dan too much credit for all your own doings though, the property podcast and the hub are your creations after all!
Secondly, the episode was really interesting for myself as I am currently searching for a career and therefore there was not a huge amount things in there that I could relate to. Things such as the 'fear factor', for example, that comes with leaving a job is something that I would not know about. I have had part-time jobs before to fund my education, but the jobs that I am applying for now are permanent and will make use of the qualifications that I have attained. The plan has always been to become a Chartered Surveyor, as I have always had a keen interest in property, and then go from there. The episode suddenly made me question the motives behind why I was searching for this job and why I would work for a company when perhaps there are other routes that I could go down. Then I stopped and realised that I was getting ahead of myself. I believe that there are so many things that I would gain from working within the industry. For example, I have never experienced the 'corporate lifestyle' that Dan was talking about and the processes within it that work well and that should be adopted by new business owners. Experiences of things like this will be invaluable in the future, for the long term goals that I set. The episode made me realise that I definitely do want to get a job as there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from working within the property industry, as well as networking opportunities and just the general experience that I will acquire. This seems very strange as quite a lot of the things said in it would motivate people to quit their jobs and go down an opposite route!? 


Anyway, the main thing that I took away with me from listening to the episode was the importance of planning ahead and to use the experiences that you have along the way to benefit you and your business. Dan said how people have an emotional response to not use some of the successful things that happen within corporations. I see getting a job as my first asset in my long term plan. Not only is it going to generate me income, but the knowledge that I gain from it (if I manage to get the job that I want) will no doubt be very beneficial to me in the future. As long as I am sensible with the income that I generate and plan my next moves well, then there is no reason for me to fall into the 'rat race' that is referred to in Rich Dad Poor Dad.


So, that is just the way I see it. I would love for someone to tell me that that is wrong and that I should go backpacking to Thailand and start a $10 million dollar enterprise instead, as that does sound much more exciting! Thanks Rob and Rob for another great episode, I am really looking forward to the interview next week. 

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Great to get your feedback Ben - I'm really glad you enjoyed it!


What you're doing is going consciously into a career because you know you'll get what you need from it right now. The trap that a lot of other people fall into is getting into a job (or staying in a job) kind of assuming it's going to get you what you want, without actually knowing what you want. That's what makes the Dreamlining exercise so powerful.


I was really glad that Dan made the "anti-corporate kneejerk" point, because I know I've been guilty of that in the past. I've always worked outside the corporate world and assumed that big business is all empty buzzwords and bureaucracy, but recently I've been hanging out with some ex-big biz guys and realising that there are a lot of lessons and practices that you can take from the corporate world and apply to what you do at a smaller scale.

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Hi Rob & Rob

Absolutely brilliant episode of the podcast - It was good to hear your 'mentor' chatting to you both and dispensing his insights.

I found the fear factor interesting, as I have been self employed since I walked out of a technican apprenticeship in 1980 after just 8 weeks, as I couldn't bear the thought of having my life planned out for me by someone else. However, getting a job back then was a bit easier.

The main takeaway from the episode for me is to try to build something with scale, by putting in systems so that a business can run without you. If the business can't support running without you, it isn't really a business, it's a job. So, although I've been self employed for 34 years, I've really just had my own job.

By the way, I think the Tropical MBA podcast is one of the best things out there, apart from Rob & Robs' podcast offerings.

Looking forward to Schramko.................


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