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Hi All,


I’m considering putting down a deposit for 1 bedroom off plan new build with Knight Knox for £115,000. The flat will complete in Q1 2018 in Salford


Ive been struggling with BTL in SE England, so thinking of changing tact but have not been able to view the areas or the development. The flats are going very fast being seen as good value and I am looking for advice on Knight Knox and anyone who may have also gone down this route.


I have spoken at depth with the sales agent and have good information I think relating to sale  and the yield should be around 6%. I am more interested in capital growth in my strategy though


Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I usually have things as researched as possible, but this has come up rather unexpectedly


Many thanks


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Hi Sav, how did this work out in the end? I've heard a few horror stories about the off plan dream. How was yours? 


I am currently expanding my portfolio into Manchester. Would be great to chat. 





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