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Hello all,


I am ready to move away from my filling cabinet and onto the cloud.  I've not used Evernote or Onenote yet so this is a fresh start.  Rob Dix said he was eventually going to move to Onenote... I would like your thoughts and experience of both systems.  If anyone is using one note or Evernote what are the benefits to one or the other for a property business.  What is the thing that OneNote does that makes it the better tool??? 


Rob I've message you separately on linked in but if you are able to let me know your thoughts/advice that would be great.


Soon I will be getting set up on XERO and ARTHUR - is there link to evernote or onenote for these systems??


Thank you all  for your thoughts and advice..




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Hi Roxane,


At the moment I am using both, though I am the first to admit that I haven't fully check either out to their full potential. What led me to Evernote was Rob Dix's training video and given how useless I am in book keeping, I thought it might be the solution to my problems. However I've recently signed up for Office 365 which gives me full Office and Overdrive and Onenote chucked in. Still haven't played around with either product to make a firm decision either way, but given that Office cost me £60 pa for 5 installs and I get 1Tb of cloud storage with that as well; I am leaning towards MS solution (sorry Evernote & Google Docs fans). Be interested to hear what other people think however.



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Hi Roxane,


I currently use both! OneNote used to be more like a virtual filing cabinet and Evernote was a virtual brieface. Both did the same thing but convenience and organisation separated them. Evernote being more convenient and OneNote have a bigger and better-defined hierarchy.


Lately, they're becoming more markedly similar. You can now bang open OneNote and just take a photo in to be arranged later; that definitely used to be an Evernote staple. If I was starting right now, I'd probably go with OneNote - but only because it's more like Evernote if you get what I mean. It's also always going to be the most effective for managing inserts from other Microsoft software, purely due to it being cut from the same cloth. So if you, like Nick, have just taken delivery of 365 then there's probably no point using Evernote.


Ps, I still love Evernote, but I also have 365, so it's a matter of time.

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