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Hi all


This is my first Hub post and many thanks for taking the time to read it. I live in Kent and have let my former flat in Crystal Palace since 2014. It's now re-mortgage time and I am considering the next step in property investment.


You may recognise the topic title from a property webinar prepared by Rob B which I would strongly recommend if you have not seen it. The gist of it is how to build a portfolio that in time can provide an income through periodic refinancing. It has lots of pro's as a strategy and is my preferred one subject to clearing up the query below.


My question arising from it is: how can you refinance your portfolio (however much equity is in it) for the purposes of paying yourself an income given that (in my v ltd experience) lenders only allow lending for narrow purposes especially buying more property/renovating but not for funding the borrower's lifestyle?


Any thoughts very gratefully received.



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