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Every 'Resource of the Week' in one place

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I've been thinking about putting this list together for a while and seeing another member request it gave me the push I needed. Below is each resource featured on the podcast beginning with episode 1. Go to the corresponding episode number show notes for more info.  I'll keep the list updated as new episodes are released.



  1. The Richest Man in Babylon
  2. Property Bee
  3. Evernote
  4. Meaningful Money Podcast by Pete Matthew 
  5. Rapportive
  6. Dropbox
  7. Trello
  8. Property Investment for Beginners -  Rob Dix
  9. Check My File
  10. 30/30
  11. Flipboard/Trapit/Pulse
  12. Feedly
  13. Rightmove
  14. Inbox Pause
  15. How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie
  16. Landlord's Calculator - Property 118
  17. Unroll.me
  18. Zombies, Run!
  19. Shark Tales - Barbara Corcoran
  20. BBC’s "Where Can I afford to live?” calculator
  21. High Speed Rail app
  22. Fiverr.com
  23. Focus@will
  24. propertytorenovate.co.uk
  25. Don’t Bet to Let
  26. Fitocracy
  27. Downcast/Instacast
  28. Mouseprice
  29. Instapaper
  30. National Landlord Association
  31. 15 Alternatives to Rightmove
  32. Lift/Ask Me Every
  33. Yesware
  34. Get up to speed with online marketing
  35. You can book me
  36. The Email Game
  37. 'How much is that house?' game
  38. Interview tips
  39. Property research tool by Property 118
  40. Top 5 resources of 2013: Trello, Evernote, Hipchat, Buffer, Google Drive
  41. Reflect on what you have achieved this year
  42. Terrible real estate agent photos
  43. Duolingo
  44. Dan Andrews Productivity Procedure
  45. Meditation 
  46. Lodger app
  47. Buy or Rent Calculator from NY Times
  48. Property Hawk/Pocket Rent
  49. If This Then That
  50. 1000 day rule
  51. N/A
  52. N/A
  53. N/A
  54. N/A
  55. N/A
  56. Momentum (Chrome addon)
  57. Asana
  58. Buy or Rent Calculator from The Telegraph
  59. Old-Maps.co.uk
  60. Roomscan app
  61. Commuter guide/Commuter Maps
  62. Audible
  63. Andy Ridley's blog about a refurb project & The Four Hour Work Week
  64. eLearning resource for property investors
  65. Cell Phone Coverage Map app
  66. Locatable
  67. Photofeeler
  68. DSSmove.co.uk
  69. The House Price Game
  70. FancyHands
  71. One Tab
  72. Last Pass
  73. Quill
  74. How Northern Are you?
  75. gotfu*kingdoit.com
  76. assistant.to
  77. Pocketcasts
  78. ifixit.com
  79. World time buddy
  80. noddle.co.uk
  81. Zoom
  82. Recordit
  83. Property Investment Tips Podcast
  84. Fantasy Foreign Property Finder
  85. Adblock Plus
  86. Google Keep
  87. Lets with Pets
  88. Checker Plus for Google Calendar
  89. Youtube video downloaders
  90. Outgrow.me
  91. Protect Your Tech - Mish Slade & Rob Dix
  92. Best of 2014:
    Podcasts - Philosophise this, Here's the thing with Alec Baldwin, The Tim Ferris Show, Serial, Tropical MBA.
    Apps - Pocket, Pulse, Pomorodoro apps, Slack, Mailbox.
    Books - The Innovators, The 7 Day Start Up, Augustus, Spartan Up, The Everything Store, Beyond The Bricks, Flash Boys, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits
    Blogs - Raptititude, Mr Money Mustache, Wait but Why
  93. N/A
  94. N/A
  95. How the economic machine works by Ray Dalio
  96. Landlord Tap
  97. Naminum
  98. Glymspe
  99. Free Fax to Email
  100. The Secret Weapon
  101. The National Self Build and Renovation Centre
  102. withoomph.com
  103. Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography - Total Recall
  104. Canned Emails
  105. Gutenberg.org
  106. Crime Map app
  107. Sonos sound system
  108. Travel Like a Pro - Mish Slade
  109. TaskRabbit
  110. Property Tracker for Chrome
  111. Fix my Street
  112. Grammarly
  113. How would your property have done in the last 5 recessions - spreadsheet by Ed Atkinson
  114. Streetlife
  115. Travel by Drone
  116. The Land Registry free alerts service
  117. Scribble Maps
  118. Read blog posts and Kindle out loud/VoiceOver
  119. Property Viewing Checklist
  120. Mixmax
  121. Sunrise Calendar
  122. Smart Record
  123. Rescue Time
  124. f.lux
  125. Uber
  126. Revolut
  127. Gett
  128. N/A
  129. How to build a world-class network in record time - The Tim Ferris Podcast episode
  130. Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics
  131. Elon Musk - How the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is shaping our future
  132. OneNote
  133. Amazon Prime
  134. Crossrail Research Tool
  135. Resolver
  136. Cold Turkey (PC)/Self Control (Mac)
  137. appear.in
  138. Mark Morris Voicemail - listen to show
  139. Trump - The art of the deal by Donald Trump
  140. brain.fm
  141. Osper
  142. Rightmove’s house price trendometer
  143. Newsify
  144. Best of 2015:
    Books - The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain de Botton, The One Thing by Gary Keller, Do No Harm by Henry Marsh, Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance, Scaling Up by Verne Harnish, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, The Real Deal: The Autobiography of Britain’s Most Controversial Media Mogul
    Podcasts - The Art of Charm, Planet Money, The History of Rome, Hardcore History, The Tim Ferris Show, The Mystery Show, Startup, Weekly Economics Podcast
    Apps/Software - Mixmax, Should I Answer, OneNote, Sunrise Calendar, Trello Business Centre, Chromebox
    Bonus: Heads Up
  145. N/A
  146. Propcision
  147. N/A
  148. thepropertyhub.net/strategy & The Big Short
  149. The Ultimate Property Strategy Course
  150. MOOCs - OpenLearn from The Open University, Coursera, Openlearning
  151. Toshiba 2 Chromebook/Deli Chromebox
  152. FightMediocrity (YouTube Channel)
  153. Focus music - listen to the same track on repeat/Inception soundtrack
  154. Property Detective
  155. Britain’s Trillion Pound Island - BBC Documentary
  156. Clearscore
  157. Interactive maps - house prices in your area, house price change since 1995
  158. Interactive map - options for commuting into London
  159. iAuditor
  160. Homecheck
  161. Invoco
  162. Toshl
  163. N/A
  164. Archilogic
  165. Listen to audio material on 1.25x speed
  166. EI Group
  167. Free Lunch by David Smith/Khan Academy Series on Microeconomics
  168. Housing affordability map from the Department for Communities & Local Government
  169. Switchboard Free
  170. Streetcheck.co.uk
  171. Podio
  172. The UK House Price Index
  173. Office Lens
  174. Receipt Bank
  175. Toggl
  176. Hiring Process - Trello Board
  177. Picmonkey/Canva
  178. draw.io
  179. Google Inbox
  180. MySMS
  181. BBC Rental Hotspots
  182. Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator - Chrome Extension
  183. RMP Conveyancing Document
  184. Email Hunter
  185. Mubert 
  186. Pocket/Zapier/Feedly
  187. Vivino
  188. The Property Hub
  189. Atext/Phrase Expander
  190. Vigilante
  191. Driversnote
  192. Monzo
  193. Credit Score Map by Clearscore
  194. PanicGuard
  195. Overcast.FM
  196. Butler for Trello
  197. Best of 2016:
    Books - Death by Meeting by Patrick Lencioni, Titan: The Life of John D Rockefeller Sr by Ron Chernow, Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton, Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, Speculator by Doug Casey, Open by Andre Agassi
    Podcasts - How I built this, Conversations with Tyler, London Finch Podcast, The Spectator Podcast
    Apps/Software - Virgin Train App, Pocket, Instagram, Kindle App - Word Runner, Shoudl I Answer, Franz
    Other: Jet Skiing, Billions, Narcos, No Coffee, Meditation, I am not your guru, Supermench
  198. Goal Setting Course - The Property Hub 
  199. Plentific
  200. Thetopinbox.com
  201. Shapr.co
  202. Photo Splash
  203. Zero to One - Peter Thiel
  204. Video Speed Controller - Chrome extension
  205. Placenorthwest.co.uk - info on the Northern Powerhouse
  206. The Checklist Manifesto/Trello/Evernote/Google Docs/Process Street/Jing
  207. Arnold Schwarzenegger - Total Recall/How to Fail at Everything and Still Win Big - Scott Adams/Tools of Titans - Tim Ferris/The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*** - Mark Manson/Delivering Happiness - Tony Hseih
  208. www.walkscore.com
  209. Credit Club
  210. Subliminal Affirmations
  211. Focusmusic.fm
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Great post, thank you!


I'm struggling to find the apps related to Rightmove website (the ones giving you more details on property pricing changes and how long it has been on the website), could you please tell me which ones they are?


Also, what are the ones that you and others really use and prove helpful?




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Brilliant - just what I was after!  I was about to do the same, but knew I would not be the first to have this thought! I listen to the podcasts on the go so taking notes is difficult and and am playing catch-up as I only discovered them a few months ago and have a big back catalogue to go through.  I'm now revisiting podcasts and this list is just what I needed to prompt my memory.  Big thanks!

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  • 3 months later...

After spending the last 3 months listening to the back catalogue of the Podcasts, thought I would upload the spreadsheet I was using to keep track of all the shows and resources, building on Bakedbeans' list. It goes up to the most recent Podcast from Thursday (27/04). 


Most of the resource links are to the Chrome/Android version as that's what I use, so apologies to the Apple folk. 


Hope this helps the other new Hubbers!


Personal Blog: https://abcdad.co.uk
Property Spreadsheet and Deal Analyser: https://abcdad.co.uk/property-spreadsheet
Looking to read some Property books? https://abcdad.co.uk/books/property-books
Follow on Instagram: @abc.dad

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Hi DerekT and bakedbeans


This is phenomenal! It must be mentioned as a resource of the week on one of the podcasts!


I often re-listen episodes over and over again but now with the spreadsheet, I can really keep a record!



Thank you so much for the fantastic job you have done! 


Kind Regards


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  • 1 month later...

Thanks Ben, this list is great! On a related note, does anyone have a working link to the property viewing checklist as mentioned on property podcast #119? Trying to access the following link throws me a "configuration error" :( 


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Hi Pieris,


I tried the link and it does't work for me either but here are the bullet points from the Podcast's show notes.


Before you get there

  • Rental demand
  • The discount
  • Fundamentals of the area
  • Expected market growth
  • Regeneration
  • ROI
  • Parking
  • Transport links and location

Vendor checks

  • Years left on lease and ground rent/service charge, if it’s a flat
  • Reason for sale
  • Price history / any offers

Internal checks

  • Boiler
  • Windows/doors
  • State of flooring
  • Condition of electrics
  • Signs of damp
  • Condition of the roof
  • Potential to add value
  • Has anyone else extended?

I also use another Property viewing  list I got from http://monoperty.com/passive-income/


I tried to attach the file here but it didn't work. 


I hope it helps.



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What a superb thread. Thanks very much Ben (I would have referred to you as BB but it appears you are Ben. Not sure how others found that out though!) You've got a 5* rating from me! Two questions: -


1. How do I put your brilliant thread into a 'my favourites' place so I can find it with ease in the future, and 

2. I've only got to podcast 73! Resource #73 (Quill) was heavily recommended. However, having got onto their website I was not able to download anything of value for my website. Is it possible that as I am still in 2014 in my podcast time machine this resource is no longer available?


Thanks and regards



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