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For LTD co BTL mortgages, who exactly is assessed by the mortgage underwriters?


For example: If a SPV limited company has 2 shareholders (one of which is a director) but each have 50% of voting shares, is the director the only person being assessed and has to meet criteria?


Hope someone can provide some insight into this! :)







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I'll give an Angle / Response to your question but you will find that different "Commercial Lenders" have different criteria.

Here goes.

Lenders will assess Directors & Shareholders who have a 25% + shareholders,as they are considered "Key Persons".They will want to see an ALIE Statement (Asset / Liability & Income / Expenditure) largely to see what financial standing you have but also to see whether there is any requirement / reliance upon the Rental Income from the B2L for living needs.

They will then look at the "Financial Standing" of the company.

Hope that helps.

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Luis. Directors usually are underwritten. So they go on the application form and sign the personal guarantee. Most of the time the directors and shareholders are the same. The lenders all have very different criteria from a 20% or 25% shareholder = go on application to just the directors.

What structure are you looking to do and why?

Regards Simon

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