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Joint Venture / Partnership Agreement Examples

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Hi All,


I'm looking for any examples of joint venture or partnership agreements.  Thinking about going in on a buy-to-let investment with a partner.  Any examples agreements would be appreciated.



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I don't have any examples but would get something professionally drafted and legally watertight. I'd suggest getting some quotes from lawyers so you can get a feel for cost.

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J/V & Cross partnership agreements tend to be pretty bespoke documents - you can probably download a formulaic template from the web somewhere, but my advice would be that for it to be of use, you need to customise it to you & your partners specific wants & needs. No two people have exactly the same financial position coupled with the same dreams and visions for the future.


Start off with a "wish list" basically all the points that you want to make sure are covered, get your partner todo the same, as well as all the obvious ones, also cover what you would want to happen should anything untoward effect either of you from say a health point of view or breakdown in relationship etc


Once you have that solid base, THEN you go to a legal professional & get them to draw up a suitable document.


Hope this helps





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