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From London to....Wimbledon!


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Hello property geeks,


im looking for someone to give me some pros and cons about investing in Wimbledon as Im a bit bias to the argument..well I live here and I love it!


Apart from the fact that its pretty expensive to buy (im willing to take the hit), but Im looking for a safe property investment and to me it seems like the perfect area. Schools, connections, jobs, shops...pubs. Everything! What do you think?


Any views? How do you see this area in the future? 




Design Engineer, BSc MSc


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I live in the area and it does have everything you could want in a location, but the downside is because the area is already well established we've missed the boat in terms of the big price moves. I've focused on areas just outside of Wimbledon that share many of the same attributes (especially transport links) and have potential to benefit from the spillover effect in years to come e.g. Morden, New Malden etc. Look just a little south of Wimbledon and there is some great relative value. Not that long ago Raynes Park was a bit of a hole and look at it now!


However if you're just interested in a safe investment and not looking for the big price moves from an upcoming area then I reckon you can't go wrong.


Best of luck!

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Hi, i have a property in sight in South Wimbledon. New development. High end stuff.

i am not too sure, it's right next to Chase station on Kingston Road. A small development of exclusivelly 2 bedrooms apartments. from 580k to 850k. size from 750sqft to 1100 sqft. So it ranges around 740 to 800 gbp/sqft. It's high specs with terrace and will be completed in 2016.

I usually buy on plans. That is what i have been doing for all my properties. getting them under market value that way (essentially securing a low price few years before completion). But this time around I did my research and it looks like it's already market up.

I could find some comparable flat around that range in SW20 but only 10.

What do you think? worth consideration?



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I have a house in the South Wimbledon/Colliera wood area. Great location! BUT the prices are HIGH. We've held ours for years now and the reality is that all the value is tied up in capital and the rental yield is exceedingly poor. We will likely remortgage and pull out some cash but seriously - the maths is crazy. So - it all depends on your strategy. If you're looking for capital gain... Yes over time. If you're looking for income... The area is tough to justify IMHO.

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This is great feedback thanks. Indeed the numbers look tough as far as cash flow is concern.


A am really looking for good location (solid fundamental) and good yield as a sign of future growth. so probably not Wimbledon right now.

But I guess it is a very nice place to leave though....




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I live in tooting having rented in Wimbledon and Earlsfield. I would guess the spread on rents feels less than on values? IE tooting yeild is a little better? It's been interesting to see the change even in the time we've been here.

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Wimbledon is a great place to live, but have to agree the glory years are probably long gone. Thanks to the Tennis amongst other attributes, I would say it is an incredibly safe place to invest for long term future growth so can't really go wrong.


If looking for bigger gains though, the surrounding area's like Tooting, and possibly Mitcham etc are probably the way to go if you can snap up some prime properties, as its only a matter of time before the high prices push people out further afield.

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