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Budgeting Apps and Account Aggregators

grant y

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Hi all


I am looking for a ‘bank account aggregator’ or budgeting app that links to my accounts that also allows me to categorise my cash spending and provides up to date remaining budget information instantly on my phone. I know a recent resource of the week was Toshl but I don’t believe this has the bank account link.


I have been frustratingly trying to align all my spending in one place for the purpose of tracking spend and budgeting.


I have used budget apps and basic spreadsheet apps to input spend made from cash withdrawals ‘on the go’. I also have a main spreadsheet where I copy in my bank statements and copy in the ‘on the go’ cash spending, but the overall process is rather tedious and retrospective. It does not give any ‘budget remaining’ information.


I thought Google sheets was the answer but drop down boxes (for categorising quickly) do not work on smart phones and again this does not auto link to my accounts. I have also used Money dashboard but the app does not allow you to split the cash withdrawals made into what it has been spent on.


Any potential solutions would be greatful.




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Hi Grant, I am currently not using an app that has all of the above requirements however, I am aware of the following: Mint ( this does connect to your bank account), Pocket Guard and You Need A Budget. Hope this helps - let me know how you get on!

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