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Birmingham and Liverpool


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I am fairly new to property investment. To begin my journey, I wanted to start my portfolio with cheaper properties - where there is a decent return.

I recently brought a 3 bed terraced property in Birmingham within the B21 area. This is just off soho road, not far from the city centre. From what I can see from rightmove and from speaking to agents, I would get this property rented for about £600 pcm. I think I will be going down the route of renting it as a whole house perhaps to a family. It's not a nice area but people and families still live there and the rent at £600 still provides a reasonable return for a house that is ~£100k. I'm hoping an estate agent can fully manage is for me.

I am also thinking of buying a place for £65k in Liverpool L6 Anfield. Again it's not the best area, it's a little rough but I should be able to rent it for ~£500 pcm. It may be that I will have to rent to families or people on benefits though which I hope will not cause too much problems. The estate agents said that in such cases they will take a guarantor and provide rent a guarantee to cover me.

I would be interested to know the thoughts of others here on my logic and approach. As I am starting out, I am still going through a learning curve right now.

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