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Peterborough and Stamford

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Hello all,


Apologies for the delay, I was on holiday from Apr 20th until Sunday and while away was unable to access the forum from my phone until I returned to the office on Tuesday so only just playing catch-up!


Did you have a get together on Tuesday evening or a confirmed date still up in the air?


@holly edge - I was hoping to have the flat on the market Mid May but but due to holiday and not feeling great since being back (jetlag bigtime!) I've not had a chance to get there this week and will probably need the weekend to fully recover and added to this is the delay in having the kitchen ripped out and installed but that is probably one of the risks when having family contacts do the work for you and trying to fit it around their normal, scheduled jobs!, so this also is yet to be completed but would hope next week will see the kitchen completed and so the final bits can be finished off! Therefore I'm being a little more realistic to aim for having it ready for the end of May.  How are your 2 properties progressing?


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Hi everyone,


Apologies for the late reply, I've just got back from holiday too.  @barny2015 Hope you had a great holiday, have you got your new property up and running now? I've exchanged on one, waiting for notice to complete - hopefully should complete mid June.  The other is waiting for the tenant to be evicted.


@alice clayton & @dawid m - We haven't managed a meet up in a while, but would be great to get another date in.  Could anyone do next Thursday the 15th?



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Hi All, I can't make 15th but would like to suggest we meet on same night as the Hub meet ups, first Thursday of every month at Cuckoo inn,  Alwalton just of the A1.  Just a thought, but would hel avoid any confusion along with a reminder from the Rob's for those of us that tune into the podcasts.

Who knows? if it proves successful then no reason why they can't make us an official meet up if someone volunteers to take the reigns.

still find it unbelievable that an official Hub meet up is absent in our part of the world :huh:





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Hi Everyone, hope you're all well.


Yes @holly edge, the flat is now ready but due to a few delays with the final bits in the kitchen and being off for half term last week, it is only this week that I'm in contact with my letting agents so will hope for it to be on next week! (At long last!) Hopefully the eviction won't take too long but atleast with the exchange on the other, you do have something to look forward too!


As for Tuesday and Thursday, typically these are the only 2 nights I generally can't do EVER due to activities with the kids that I'm involved in, so unless it's a school holiday then I won't be about for these I'm afraid


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Hi guys


Thanks a lot for quick respond.  If it comes to me I am pretty much flexible with time. In terms  of monthly Property Hub meet ups I agree that there is a "room" in this part of UK.  Personally I know at last 5 more property investor seekig for such event.  


Looking forward to meet you all. See you soon. 



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33 minutes ago, barry man said:

Great Barny, let's hope a few others can make it.

Do you use an agent to source your tenants as I believe you self manage...?  I took back the management from my agent on one property a few months back and without counting my chickens, I have to say so far so good...)




Hi Barry,


I self manage 2 houses I own, 1 in my home town and the other my wife's hometown, mainly because we're always local to them and have family nearby if required, plus the tenants in both have been there for 3 years in one and about 10 years in the other!


I have an agent for the 2 P'boro flats as I'm rarely in P'boro, so this allows me to be very much 'hands off'.  If I was to get a tenant who'd been in a property for say a year without any issues, payment delays, etc., then if they were to say they want to stay for an extended period of time, ie, 18m+ and sign an agreement for that duration, then I'd probably do the same and take the management back. Finanicially, it's certainly worth doing so hope it all continues to go smoothly for you!




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Good morning all,


I've been following this thread as I'm currently living (rented) near Downham Market due to work, having moved from York, and this is the closest PH meetup.

A bit about my property interest- I am a podcast convert since around January this year, trying to learn as much as I can. I currently let the 2-bed flat in Gateshead we used to live in out, which has been tenanted for a year and is currently being renewed for a further year. Because of the distance, we decided to use a letting agent to manage it.

Because it's possible we are living around here for a couple of years or so due to work, I am keen to meet people with a similar interest, and learn about the market.

I'm about an hour away but will come along on the 3rd- looking forward to meeting people!



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Hi Ryan,


Despite the activity here in this thread, we've actually struggled previously to get dates but now have 3rd July set in the diary so will be good to have you come along too.  


Although I'm in Cambridge, what should be a 40min journey previously stretched out to be about an hour and a quarter due to traffic so there will a few of us making the journey!


In terms of general info and advice, this forum is certainly a great place to be and if you haven't already, check out the "Progress journey" section, an interesting area to see who is doing what, where people sit within there own plans and targets.  I myself have one in there too actually which having now spoken about it it, makes me think I need to update it!


Looking forward to meeting you in July!




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I am new to the property hub and property as a whole, but very keen to get started in refurbishments and BTL. I currently live in Stamford, but am from Peterborough so know the area pretty well. I would love to join you guys for the meet up on 3rd July and meet fellow hubbers :)

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