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BTL: your desired or preferred gross yield, net yield, and ROI

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Hi all,


A topic that has been discussed directly/indirectly over and again in forums, podcasts (!, well done R&R), and books (well done again R&R), I thought it would be interesting for those starting out including myself to set a reasonable baseline, and to gauge the current aggregate mood on two of members' most fundamental data points, yield and ROI.


With the wide range of opinions, acknowledging the lack of a correct answer, and all things being equal which is not the case in property, what would you the investor, and the aspiring, prefer your gross yield, net yield, and ROI to be in your typical 70–75% LTV BTL property?


Or, what do you aim for?


I imagine a short answer e.g. 10/7/15 (gross/net/ROI %) would be as interesting as a paragraph!


More answers, more statistical power :-)





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Hi Paul, thanks for reply.


Yes agreed RE: cashflow and ROI.


I am yet to invest but have run hypotheticals through my sheets. I feel it is nevertheless interesting to see what actual investors are generally happy with. 


I should have certainly included cashflow in my question!

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