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Valuation frequency/strategy

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Hi All,


I'm interested to understand the strategy used by the majority (and minority for that matter) regarding valuations and the frequency of them. I've got a property letting at the moment, valued at £80,000, however the valuation was completed by a guy my mortgage advisor described as "ludicrously and famously stingy" and since then we've made some improvements, such as upgrading the 22 year old heating with a modern combi and upgrading the interior, largely with cosmetic changes.


Obviously a re-valuation is going to be something I'll undertake in a couple of years to identify if I can withdraw a few thousand in equity to help speed along the next purchase, but I am just wondering what the standard is in this area? Do people have a strategy in place for continually reviewing their valuations and adjusting their investment level accordingly (for equity release or adjustment on the LTV for the mortgage)?


Keen to hear some discussion...



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Hi Jamie,


I keep an eye on how the market is moving in the local area. I look at comparables which are very similar (ideally same building / same street / same size / same condition). I do it regularly, whenever I inspect my properties I do a quick scout about of whats for sale around the property and then note it down and do some research on those properties later.


I also keep an eye on the asking rents for surrounding properties as well, because you will only be able to remortgage so far as your rental income allows.


I always make notes of comparable evidence, dates, and try and verify the evidence as well, I think that's the surveyor in me, but it's always super useful when getting a re-mortgage as I can use this as leverage as well when speaking to the lender and their surveyor. It also means I know what to expect. 



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