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Furnishing recommendations and companies

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Hi guys!


Nice to meet you all - I'm new here and have a question if you could be so kind to help me out!


My partner and I are looking to furnish a 4-bed 'professional' HMO. 


We've trawled the IKEA website etc. but have heard great things about furnishing companies who assemble/install and deliver packages.


Can anyone recommend me any good companies like this, or any advice RE furnishing a property? 


Like anyone, we would like the best deal, but we know that if we were to source items one by one, this would take too much time...


Any advice appreciated!








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Hi Eleni,


I know David Philips is one of the biggest furniture/furnishings company in UK and they offer different packages. They are prob other names as well but I know DP deals with a lot of developers so it is a trusted resource. 


I am am an interior designer so feel free to ask me for any further questions.


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