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Splitting the rent to reduce tax

howard bray

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I'm in the process of remortgaging a property to a buy to let. I will have 100% of the property in my name. 


As everyone knows, over the next few years the tax relief is changing. I was looking for information on splitting the rent. As I'm a higher rate tax payer, I'm going to get hit with 40% which is not ideal. 


My mother has recently retired, so is it possible for her to rent out the property and get taxed on her rate? 

If possible, would she have to be on the title deeds? 




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Your mother would need to be a legal owner of the property,  you can do that through a Transfer of Ownership or a Declaration/deed of trust.  As this is your mother and not a spouse then you will have to be careful about stamp duty and CGT.  More importantly there are inheritance tax issues if your or your mother were to pass within 7 years.







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