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Hi all, New member and new potential investor!

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Evening all,


I'm Tom, living in Cardiff and along with my Dad I am looking to get into property investment. My initial plan is to look at flipping a few properties up the road from Cardiff in Rhondda Cynon Taff. Once I have some experience and some extra cash in the bank I will start to look to do the same in Cardiff a possibly keep some of the properties to build a moderate sized portfolio.


I am actually qualified as a mortgage adviser although I have continued exams further into the finance industry but I work for a company that deal with a large volume of mortgages (commercial and residential), bridging and all other aspects of finance. We deal with a lot of investors especially in London and therefore I have a lot of experience in the mortgage process and various other aspect of property investment.


What I could do with is some help/advice on areas of South Wales to invest in, areas to avoid etc. I do have good contacts within the certain areas of the valleys but these are estate agents so I would also like some advice from people that may have done it them selves or are still making a good living from developing property around my area.


Look forward to some responses hopefully.

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Hi Tom 


Welcome to the hub. Come along to the Cardiff meetup. There's plenty people there who invest in Cardiff, The Valleys and South Wales (and the odd North Wales investor) who'd be happy to chat with you. They are a great bunch. 


Would love to see you there :)





The Cardiff meetup takes place on the first Thursday of every month, find out more here

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