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Buying part of Freehold


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I was wondering if anyone would know the process of enquiring about purchasing part fo the freehold?

I live in a period conversion - 3 flats all leased but one of the flats owns all of the freehold.

Can I purchase a share of the freehold and if so how do approach the matter?

I havent had good relations with the freeholders who rent out their flat and who I beleive do not manage the property very well - ie communal areas are always a mess - even though i am a leaseholder when there are jobs and repairs to do, I pay a part contribution towards these as do the toher flats - ie iof there is roof work we split it three ways - I also pay my ground rent etc.

What are the implications, if any of purchasing part of freehold?

I have a good lease on my flat but I beleive purchasing a part of the freehold would give me a bit more of a voice in terms of suggesting what jobs are to be carried out, asking other tenants to keep the place clean and tidy etc etc. Currently I do not have a voice - it's the freeholder who decides on what jobs are to be carried out yet the cost is split between the flats!!!

Any ideas?

I expect i woul dneed to approach the freeholder to ask if I can purchase a share of it? Could they refuse?

Many thanks!

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