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John from N.London investing in Manchester


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Hi All

My names John and I have been a silent listener of The Property Hub podcast and reader of the forum for a few years now and I need to introduce myself!
I live and work full time in London in a field unrelated to property but like most on here I have a passion which gets me consuming anything property related. I'm 31 years old and got my first step on the ladder 7 years ago purchasing a residential property for myself here in London. Since then I have invested in a vanilla BTL in Manchester which delivers a decent passive income yielding 8% whilst being fully managed. However through educating myself I have learnt of many strategies that produce a far higher financial return that I want to explore in my next investment to take me towards that magical place of financial freedom. 
I will be continuing to invest in Manchester so anyone with knowledge of the area free to drop me a message. 
I will also be at the meet up on January 5th  in Kings Cross with the expectations of meeting likeminded people and growing my property network, again if you'll be attending feel free to drop me a message. 

Intro complete, look out for my progress journal...


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