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I use GoDaddy all the time (I've run an internet business for the last 9 years, property is a new addition for me). I haven't had any issues with them and their site is easy to follow for purchasing domains. I have however been discouraged from using them for hosting as apparently their support is pretty poor once you get to that side of things. 

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I started domain name investing way back in 1995 and have built a substantial portfolio of names based around the business I was in back in those days and some other very niche areas.


Godaddy is fine for registering domain names. Their other services (the back end sales) can start to get a bit pricey after a while, but if all you want is a simple web site and somewhere to host your business web site, it's perfectly ok.


The company I use for domain registration dioesn't sell retail, but for hosting, here is what many years of being online building my own web sites for my business has taught me:


  • Never use the hosting company's email service - instead, open a GSuite account with Google and have your domain's mail routed through Gmail - you'll never miss an email and you next to zero Spam.
  • Be careful of web designers. It's easy enough to build your own, or use a template from GoDaddy if you only need the basics and something to look pretty
  • Avoid at all costs, anyone claiming to offer Search Engine Optimisation services - it's the quickest route to being sucked dry of cash for zero return
  • Build your web site to appeal to ONE person - your ideal target visitor and use it to sell to them and them alone
  • Use large font sizes. 16pts or greater, so that people can read your brilliant text. Black text on a white background works best, that's why newspapers are produced like that

Hope that helps!

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For building a website I'd recommend Wordpress. It's the number one content management system for websites and is much better for SEO than many of its competitors. There are free templates available on Wordpress.com if you're not overly fussed about the structure of your url,  Wordpress.org is better for commercial sites as there is great functionality and a lot of very good plugins.  It's actually  very easy to set up once you've got the hang of it though you can find an abundance of people on People Per Hour who can help otherwise.  


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