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Advice on CGT on 2 properties, odd order

Andy H

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I am having a little trouble finding examples so hoping someone could confirm my understanding or advise where I might be going wrong.


Purchased Property 1 (London) in Oct 2012 and Lived in it for 2 years until Sept 2014. After which It has been rented out


Purchased Property 2 (London) in April 2014 and It has been rented out to date.


Between October 2014 and December 2015 I was traveling/working abroad.


Since my return to the UK in Dec 2015 I have lived at my parents house.


It is my intention to move into Property 2 in October 2017 and Live there (minimum of 6 months) with the intention of eventually selling and moving into a larger Property.


At the moment I´m assuming that the HMRC see Property 1 as my main residence (even thought I have not lived there for 2/3 years). No previous nomination has been made.


By living in Property 2 and then selling would I be able to take advantage of the 18 months final period for CGT purposes (I thought it was 36 but I guess I was wrong) and also be exempt from the additional 3% SDLT on the new property?










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