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Thinking of employing a property maintenance and repairs company, In need of some second opinions.


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Hi Everyone


I'm after some second opinions, 2 years ago I purchased my first Buy to Let property and I've just recently bought another, any maintenance or repair issue I've had throughout that time I've taken care of myself but its starting to get in the way of my work life!


A friend of mine who lives out in the US owns 5 properties and he hires a property maintenance and repairs company to take care of any issues his tenants have and recommended I do the same. 


As much as I trust his word, I'm super paranoid when making these kind of decisions so I'm after any second opinions you guys may have? 


Are these companies reliable? do any of you have personal experience with them?


I came across this company http://www.hometech-uk-ltd.co.uk


They come very highly recommended from a few acquaintances I have through work, so I soon might get in contact.


But yes...  any advice would be great

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