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The Million Pound Question - With a twist

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Hi, I just need some critical advice on switching my property (off plan) to my company's names. 


I have invested in an off-plan property in the UK that will be complete in 12 months’ time. The property is currently under my name; however, I’m planning to set up a company to benefit from tax laws. All properties within this company will be buy-to-let and I won’t be drawing any funds for personal use but for reinvesting. 

 I’m just wondering is this the most optimum solution for me?  I have spoken to my solicitor and she told me if I was to switch the ownership from my name to the company’s name, capital gains tax will not be applicable (if the change is made before completion) and I will be able to use the ‘old’ rates for stamp duty as I don’t own another property. 

Has anyone ever dealt with a similar situation before? Any advice would be great.


Home Equity Gains Group 

Property Investor & Developer

http://www.hegg.info ;)

https://www.instagram.com/hegg_ltd/?hl=en B)

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