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Newbie Looking to Build Contacts in North

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Hi James Kelly of York here.


I am currently looking for bridging finance brokers - preferably in the north but not essential - tradesmen & letting agents in these areas, if you are one or know any please get in touch.


I have been religiously following all things Property Hub related for the last 18 months whilst planning my first steps. Began whilst looking to buy my first house with my wife. We have now bought and refurbed our own home and are looking to invest in BTL in Leeds, Sheffield, York, Hull area whilst also doing other flip projects to recycle our initial capital.


I work in sales and have been able to use my negotiating and project management skills to complete our refurb on budget and time, I intend to maximise this in future projects. I am of course happy to help in anyway I can in return.






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Hi James,


Similarly to you, I've been listening for about 2 years and now have 5 BTLs in Hull, some of which have needed refurbs to one degree or another. I've have a few reliable tradespeople I can call on now but haven't found a good Bridging broker. I was given the details of someone but they were quite negative and seemed to be trying to put me off. 


If there's anything I may be able to help me with feel free to message me.



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Hi Steve,


I'd say Hull's pretty good for investing but then I only have properties here so I'm biased. I've never had a problem letting any.


Regarding HMOs, there is an article 4 directive in a part of Hull, that restricts the conversion of properties into HMOs. It's the HU5 area which is really popular generally. There are probably landlords wanting to offload HMOs though and there are other areas of Hull that would lend themselves to renting to say young professionals. I'm probably not the best person to ask as I don't own any. We had the first Hull meet-up last last night, which was really good and there were a few HMO experts there if you fancy attending the next one. Not sure where you're based?



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Hi Vicky,

I appreciate the reply.From my research and what you say ,Hull sounds a good area.

I live overseas currently which is a challenge and currently doing due diligence on a couple of armchair investment companies.If you know of any reputable ones then kindly pass them on .I intend to visit the area in the near futures as I come close to making my first purchase ,will let you know when that is.



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Hi Giles,


Its a flat on the edge of the city center. It's still with the solicitors currently and moving slowly as is often the case! 


I'm from the south originally so don't know the coastal areas well to be honest, although my broker did say that York is one of only 2 cities in the UK that don't have an off season for holiday lets due to its non-climate based tourism.



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Hi everyone,


I work for an estate agents based in Liverpool. We have a lettings department, residential sale department and I run our investment department.


If anyone ever needs any advice, or any contacts (especially in Liverpool) or is even looking to invest in property (we have property all over the country) then please don't hesitate to get in touch, i'm always happy to help.




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