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Hello everyone,


I'm a part-time property investor based in Lanarkshire, Scotland with 7 properties between me and my wife.


Looking to get building my portfolio but currently not overly cash-rich (one day hopefully).


My portfolio currently ranges from a 1 bed flat to a 4 bed villa. Recently I have had two extensive refurbishment project which have been thoroughly enjoyable (at times stressful) to do. Also have a full time job as an Optometrist, so property is a great change of scenery!


Ive just started listening to the podcasts which are great. Going back through some of the older episodes to make sure I haven't missed anything!


I would be keen to attend any meet-ups planned nearer my neck of the woods?


Keen in general to build my network, especially anyone who can help build my portfolio despite my cash poor but asset rich (richer) position.





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Hi Mark,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for introducing yourself - great to hear about your portfolio.


You’re in luck with the meetups. We have a free monthly event in Glasgow, with the next one taking place on 2nd March - you can reserve your place here. It’s a great opportunity to network with friendly, like-minded investors.




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