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Vicky Nunes

Episode 204: The best exit strategies for property investment

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In this episode we're looking at something pretty different for us - how to exit property!

A lot of our listeners are at the start of their property journey but it's easy to not consider how you will wrap up your portfolio when that time comes around. If you're considering this, then listen to this episode to think about some of your options...



Listen to this episode here.


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Entry and Exit plan......I'm looking to get into property investment and have been researching strategy as an income stream as well as holding some for capital growth. The consensus seems to be that investing in property is for the long term (which I agree with), but there must be some landlords out there living off the income?? If you are out there please speak up... share how you structure your business to maximise income whilst reducing tax liability if you want regular income. Would you use the limited company model or invest in you own name? I'm already a higher rate tax payer so it's not as easy to just go down one road.  It's becoming very confusing and i'm starting to get analysis paralysis :-(. Does anyone have any advice? 

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