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Buy to let in Harrow or Chelmsford?

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I would really appreciate some advice on rental market near London.  I'm basically wondering where to invest. At the moment I've got a studio in harrow, Middlesex. It's worth around £180 000 and I have around 70 grand to spend so if I sell it I can buy something for £250 (£260 at a push). So my dilemma is should I get a one bedroom flat in Harrow or two bed in Chelmsford? I'm not sure which one ( on average) will be renting out faster and generate more rent. 
The reason I'm thinking about these two locations is Harrow, because it's familiar area and for that money that's as close to London as it gets, and Chelmsford because it's 30 minutes away by train and well, you can have two bed for the same money, so if Chelmsford flat will be just as good in terms of rental income than why not. 
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