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Expat looking for sourcing agent in Manchester

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Hi all,


I'm currently teaching in Qatar with my wife. We are looking for sourcing agents in the Greater Manchester/ Liverpool area to buy and help redevelop HMO properties.


We currently have a BTL property in Buckinghamshire and are looking to expand into the Northern Powerhouse.


We will be back in London on 18th April to set up a limited company, but we can get lending as an expat currently.


If anyone can help or pass on contact details of someone that can we'd really appreciate it!


Thanks in advance


Mike and Sarah

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Hi Mike,


There is lots going on in Manchester and prices are certainly on the move. The Media are saying a 8% increase in Salford/Manchester. Try and combine a visit to Manchester with the Manchester Property Hub meetup first Thursday of every month. 

Best of Luck !


The Manchester Meetup takes place on the first Thursday of every month, find out more here

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Hi Mark,


Thanks for your message. We have looked into Eccles especially but are open to researching other areas too.


We will definitely come to one in the summer (probably July) as we will miss it in April.


I've heard great things about it on the podcast so it'd be good to meet you

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