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Rightmove - Listing Update Time - Is Estate Agent leading me on?

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Hi guys,


How long does it take Rightmove to change a property status to "Sold/Sold Subject To Contract"?


I've had an offer accepted on a property made on the condition of the property being taken off the market.  That was last Friday.


I asked the estate agent on Monday to get their site and Rightmove updated  to "Sold/Sold Subject To Contract" and yet today the listing still shows without that marking?


I think I had heard on The Property Podcast that updates to Rightmove are overnight and if a EA asked for an update, it should reflect in the listing the next day.  But can't find any reference to this.


Does anyone know definitely so I can go to the Estate Agent with the facts.


Many thanks,





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Agents can amend it in 5 - 15 minutes with a manual over-ride (dependant on how busy.  If their property management system is interlinked with Rightmove or other property portals these are either near real-time for some or worst case over-night in the small hours when traffic is quieter.  This would update the manual over-ride so they need to do both for it to stay in place.


Just because it has not been listed on Rightmove as Sold Subject To Contract (SSTC) does not mean that the agency has stopped verbally  marketing it.  We regularly get requests for details/ viewing for properties that have been listed as SSTC for some time and it depends on the agency how they deal with it!  At the end of the day and agent works for the vendor and not the buyer and takes final instruction from them.  As English law means that a buyer is not legally bound until exchange of contracts, and there are currently a rash of mortgage requests being turned down in the new set up of Mortgage Market Review (MMR) the seller may want to hedge bets and store up other interested parties.  The only way to test this is to mystery shp the agent and see how they respond to a request for information about the property.


Your agreement for the vendor to withdraw the property from the market is a "gentleman's" agreement and not a legal one but nonetheless one most agents will request vendors honour.  Get your legals sorted quickly and exchange asap is the only sure way to get it off the market!

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