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Running 2 Projects at Once

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I am contemplating running 2 developments at once in the same area. My wife will kill me and my bank balance will be stretched for 6-8 weeks until I complete the refurbishments but I wanted to see whether anyone else has done this while having a full time job.


Any advice here would be much appreciated.

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Hi ZeonRichards


I guess it's a case of how much stress can you live with?


Personally, I would recommend staggering the projects to avoid a risk of financial and personal burnout when you already have a full-time job...oh and your wife is a very significant 'stakeholder' here as well :)


Once you have a reliable team in place, including a project manager, then perhaps you can consider doubling up on projects...but until then I would probably suggest that you take a more measured approach if this is one of the first times you have done this.


The only exception to this would be if you were using the same team, they were literally next door or round the corner from one another and there were significant economies of scale resulting.


Good luck!


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Hi Richard [big fan],


Thank you for your response.


I should have specified that I run my own business which allows me to work remotely so having a number of ongoing projects is not too much of an  issue and quite similar to my primary career. 


I completely take on board your points of staggering the projects and having them close together...I will look into the numbers and also see if a delayed completion is possible on one of the projects which would be helpful.


Thanks again.

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