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Hello from yet another newbie

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Hi All,


I am Petya from Birmingham. I am just starting out on my property investing journey.

I have always loved property and have always wanted to invest in property but I always thought that it's for the rich people only.


One day, I was really fed up at work and I thought to look for business ideas on YouTube. I watched a few videos and many of them recommended Rich Dad Poor Dad...what an eye opener! I was hooked.

I then watched all of Andy Walker's videos and read his Monoperty blog and I was sure that property is the way forward. 


I only discovered the property hub by posting on The Bigger Pockets youtube channel, they are the US equivalent of The Property Hub, and one of the members recommended to search for the meet ups in the UK. I couldn't believe that I hadn't found the property hub before! I have now listened to pretty much all of the podcasts and watched all the courses on the website and I am going to the Birmingham meet up in April. I am so happy that I finally found them. Thanks Rob & Rob for your incredible advice and what you are doing for all of us!


I have released some equity from my house and I have a deposit to buy my first investment property. I have found a 2 bed flat near where I live and I think I am going to put in an offer on it.


I hope to meet some of you on the meet ups soon!


Thanks for reading and I will be posting details of my deal for your comments on "Critique my Deal"


All the best!



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Hi Rob,


I feel very privileged to get a message from you!


I did put my first ever BTL offer on and it got rejected, but that was the plan! Now, its silence time...just as you suggested! I won't get it BMV but it still makes sense and I think it's going to be a great start for me!


Thanks again! I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am to be able to learn from you guys!


The podcasts are so insightful and enjoyable and the courses  on here are just fantastic... and yes, I have left a 5 star reviews on iTunes and on all of yours and Rob D books on amazon. 


Have a lovely evening!


Best Wishes



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Hi Petya


Welcome. If your first offer was accepted I would be worried about you. Keep looking for deals. It's still possible to get bmv deals but getting harder. I'm investing in Manchester although I have a property in Birmingham too. Good luck.





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Thanks Amjed! 


I am still thinking of buying the flat but I don't think the vendor will sell it for less than she bought it for 2014! 


It it has been on the market since September and there has been an higher offer that was rejected, mine was even lower than that!

I don't want to miss out on it but I'm not going to pay market value. 


So I will keep looking and maybe the vendor will change her mind! 


I'm just worried that if my lower offer was accepted and then a few years later when I go to remortgage, the surveyor will value it very low because he/she will see that I have paid a lot less that the previous price!


Thanks for your message! 


Have a a great weekend!




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