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Hi! I have a question, I own a 3 bed flat with my partner in London. It is a leasehold prop (999 years remaining) but I am a shareholder of the company that owns the freehold so we own a share of the freehold. I am considering a title split and a division of the flat in 2 one bed flats.

Since the property is mortgaged, can I do this? is it viable?


thank you in advance



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I did look into this a while back and my solicitor advised that if i do a title split i have to actually transfer the title to someone else as you can't do a split without a change of ownership. So in my case i would keep the freehold but sell/transfer each of the flat leases to a buyer or other company.

I don't know about the mortgage angle as i own my flat but i'm pretty sure you can't do anything like this without the mortgage provider having some input

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