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EPC Ratings For Listed Buildings

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I currently have two rental properties in converted warehouses in central Manchester with 'F' EPC ratings and the potential for 'D' ratings. For those familiar with Manchester apartments they are fairly typical of converted period properties in the area - high ceilings, electric heaters, larger than new builds - tenants seem to like them but they certainly are not energy efficient! 


My concern is whether as a leaseholder (and therefore not being able to make structural changes to insulate the walls/change the heating systems etc) and the fact they are both Grade 2 Listed Buildings mean I will be exempt from the 2018 EPC Legislation which says rental properties must be higher than an F rating. 




Even this article from the RLA basically concludes that they don't know the answer and the government has done a bad job of clarifying the situation. 


Would be great to hear from other landlords in a similar position. 





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